About Natalie

I've photographed over 100 weddings, but I'm always excited for the next one. I love having the opportunity to get to know our clients and create images and albums that will become family heirlooms. I take great pride in producing unique and creative images, while ensuring that no important detail is left undocumented.

My love of photography began in high school as I documented my family and friends. In college I studied photojournalism, and I spent five years in the newspaper industry working as both a photographer and a graphic designer. Like many photojournalists I began photographing weddings to earn some extra money, but they quickly became my passion.

I found a wonderful partner in my former classmate Matt. We constantly challenge each other to become better artists and business-people. Even when we're not actually covering the same wedding, we still review each other's work, add insight and brainstorm ideas. After a couple years of building up Fairmount Photography, I decide to commit to it full-time in 2010 following my own wedding.

The years that followed have just been amazing. We've been a part of so many wonderful celebrations and met so many kind and beautiful people. I will never stop feeling honored when people entrust us to document such an important day in their lives.

When you choose Fairmount Photography to be your wedding photographers, you are not just getting two professionally-trained artists to create beautiful photographs of your wedding day, you are also getting people who are 100% committed to making sure your wedding day is as wonderful as possible. As the people who spend the most time with the bride and groom on their wedding besides their bridal party, we are often entrusted to be wedding planners, time-keepers and organizers. We've bustled dresses, chauffeured brides & grooms, supplied umbrellas during unexpected rainstorms, fixed hair and dress malfunctions and respectfully navigated family drama. Every wedding day is an adventure, and our journalism training and past experiences have us prepared for anything.

2012 brought big changes for me personally. It was Fairmount Photography's busiest year ever, plus I welcomed a baby daughter in January and my husband's job relocated us to Boston, MA. I still remain committed to all our Philadelphia brides and grooms (they all know that they can reach me via phone or e-mail anytime!) and I'm thrilled to be able to start photographing weddings in my new hometown in 2013.